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Dino Giacobbe

Come Fly With Me

Dino has a sparkling, professional, and believable command of the word. He is accomplished in Character voiceovers, Commercials, Narration, E-Learning, Promo, Animation, Gaming, etc. Dino works from a professionally sound-treated studio, using top-grade equipment; Neumann TLM103 Microphone, Focus Rite 2i2 interface, and MacBook Pro
Come take flight with Giacobbe’s storytelling, as he connects with your listener, taking them up, up, and away! Breathe easy, as Dino transforms your script into magic. He boasts an impressive array of character voices, and his enthusiastic approach to storytelling will excite & inspire your audience. Whether you need a voiceover for a commercial, animation or narration project… the sky is the limit with this voice actor - get ready to be blown away!
"A talent like no other"
"A diamond in the rough"
"He's pure magic"
Dino Giacobbe Voiceover Caricature.jpg
Phone: 408-712-4857
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